Dyno and Tuning services

We only offer dyno tuning services using our Dynapack Evolution 4000 up to a
nominal of1200 WHP.  Our load-brake dyno allows steady-state tuning to fully replicate real world road
and track conditions.  Currently we offer dyno services for FWD, RWD and certain AWD vehicles **
** Vehicles include only these models: R32/33/34/35 Skylines and GTR, G35/G37X/Q50/Q60
We reserve the rights to charge an additional fee if the customer does not come in during their scheduled time.  Please don't be late because there is always a next car waiting on the list!
It is necessary that your car has a dedicated wideband O2 sensor bung that is readily accessible somewhere in the exhaust stream. Preferable locations for the O2 sensor bung would be right after the exhaust manifolds, turbocharger downpipe, or at locations before the catalytic converter. If this is not possible, then the car should have a properly functioning wideband AFR gauge inside the cockpit.
V6/V8/V10/V12 vehicles should preferably have separate 2-channel Wideband O2 sensors / gauge display for each bank to ensure accurate tuning.
Please have any necessary ECU cables, ports, or connections readily accessible before tuning. This will save time from extra work such as removing interior panels, dash board or engine bay components to get
access to the ECU.
Tuning Rates:
Tuning Services starts at $275.00 / hour + tax.  We tune a variety of piggybacks and standalones.  We also have flat rate tuning prices for popular engine management systems.   Please email us for more detailed information. We usually need 2 weeks in advanced notice for booking due to our busy schedule. Thanks for your patience.
Our off-site track tuning service start at $950.00 + tax for half-day sessions. 
Full day off-site tuning service is $1500.00 + tax.  This does not include travelling costs to popular
race tracks such as Shannonville, Cayuga or Mosport.  We need at least 4 weeks in advanced booking notice for track tuning.  Please email us for details.
Important Notes
The Dynapack attaches the wheels at the hubs.  It is necessary that you bring your wheel lock key or any special adapters so we can remove the wheels. If your car is very low to the ground, we recommend raising the height before coming for dyno.
Please make sure the car is in good running condition.  Any repairs made on the dyno will be charged with hourly dyno rates. We try our best to ensure a successful dyno session, but often times there could be problems that are not repairable at the very moment. Please plan ahead and do your best to ensure good running car so we won't have to abort the session early.
If you require us to perform any repairs, parts installation, or other services on the
dyno, the hourly labour rate is based on the hourly tuning rate ($275.00 / hour)
We work with a wide variety of ECU systems. We are always interested in trying out new systems too, so feel free to ask us about tuning newly developed systems if you can't seem to find a reputable tuner.
         -   AEM V1 / AEM V2 / EMS-4 / Infinity Certified
         -   AEM Fuel & Ignition Controller (F/IC)
         -   APEXi Power Excel Authorized / PowerFC / FC-Datalogit
         -   Haltech Platinum Sport 1000/2000/Sprint 500
         -   Haltech Platinum Pro Plug-in Systems
         -   Haltech Elite 750/1500/2000/2500 Systems
         -   Hondata K-Pro
         -   Hondata S300
         -   Hondata FlashPro
         -   Hondata FlashPro FK8 Civic Type-R
         -   K-Tuner End User Systems
         -   GReddy E-manage Blue and Ultimate, V-Manage
         -   Link Engine Management Systems
         -   UpRev Pro Tuner
         -   ECUTek R35 GTR / 370Z / G37 / FA20 FRS / BRZ
         -   Cobb AP (Cobb Pro Tuner R35 GTR / Evo X / Subaru)
         -   HPTuners (Dodge SRT-4 Only)
         -   NIStune Systems
         -   Mitsubishi ECUFlash / Tephra (Evolution VI - X)
         -   ECTune OBD-I Honda (For Existing Customers Only)
         -   APEXi SAFC/VAFC
         -   MAP ECU / MAP ECU-II
         -   MAF Translator Pro
         -   Turbo XS UTEC
         -   SplitSec Fuel/Timing Controllers
         -   Perfect Power (SMT)
         -   DSM Link (FWD Models Only)
         -   034 EFI Standalone
         -   Megasquirt TunerStudios (Certain Models Only)
         -   Adaptronic EMS
         -   GoTech EMS
         -   Stinger EMS
         -   SDS EFI Standalone
         -   DTA Engine Management System
         -   Electromotive Tec3
         -   Other Electronics eg. Electronic Boost controllers, etc..
         -   ... and we always look forward to tuning other new systems 
Performance services (Late Fall / Winter Only)
We are specialized in forced induction (turbo and SC) and naturally aspirated setups (cams, heads, ITB's, etc), or both (twincharged) or whatever plans you have in mind.  Our main focus is Japanese imports, and don't hesitate to contact us about your one-of-a kind project car regardless of old or new.  Our main goal is to build something that suits your driving style and specific demands.
Troubleshooting is our forte, and we can tackle problems which regular mechanic shops cannot perform for your customized setup.  Wiring errors, faulty installations, etc..  Our engineering background and experience help us diagnose these problems and repair them.  However, we are not a regular maintenance/repair shop so we do not perform routine maintenance on a regular basis unless your car requires special attention.
Our service rates for repair and troubleshooting are:
Mechanical labour rate                      $75.00 per hour + tax
Fabrication labour rate                      $90.00 per hour + tax
Electrical labour rate                          $100.00 per hour + tax
Technical support / Supervision       $50.00 per hour + tax

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